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There is something very special about Chiemgau.

A place to discover, to live and experience, to relax und recover. Unique landscape, wide range of opportunities.


The Chiemgau region is characterised by an unspoilt nature and a varying natural environment.  Moorlands and lakes, the foothills of the Alps and alpine mountain scenery determine this wonderful landscape. Choose between an inexhaustibly diverse range of options for active recreational activities. Along the lines “the sky is the limit“, you can indulge in just about any sport or leisure activity you can imagine.
Many amateur and professional athletes take advantage of the area for their training sessions. The region is host to various sports competitions of international importance.
The excellent network of trails for biking and hiking in the region rank among the best nationwide in Germany and provide stunningly beautiful scenery. If you want to explore the many different places, just go ahead. You may even combine the educational aspect with your biking skills. Take a guided tour and enjoy both the sports and cultural challenge!

Chiemgau is also an ancient farming- orientated cultural landscape with thriving traditions. Customs and traditions are cherished and still play an important role. Various festivals are popular attractions and draw many visitors.
It is just wonderful to experience the joviality prevailing in the region and the friendliness of Chiemgau’s inhabitants.


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A curious anecdote to end with:

The regional currency / Chiemgauer


The regional currency, the „Chiemgauer“ is valid in the districts of Traunstein und Rosenheim. This can be used for payment parallel to the Euro. 3 percent of every converted Chiemgauer goes to youth divisions of local associations. The customer decides upon which youth organisation he/she wishes to support.

Meanwhile, one can pay with Chiemgauer in most shops in the retail trade sector.
Participating retailers show the sign “We accept Chiemgauer” (wir nehmen Chiemgauer).


Further information: Website of "Aktion Chiemgauer"