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Welcome Home! direxio portrays the Siegsdorf
location of the Brückner Group.

It doesn’t necessarily always have to be
Berlin, Hamburg or Munich!


What is Welcome Home?


Moving to another town or region for professional reasons entails major changes. This undoubtedly also affects the partner or family. Before applying for a new job in another town, one is confronted with a number of questions and uncertainties.


Welcome Home - Location Dossier - not only answers some of the most important and most frequently asked questions but also encourages, provides assistance, and gives tips and support.


Welcome Home…


…arouses your curiosity towards the region where you are contemplating to work and live
…makes you keen to discover what possibilities await you
…convinces you of all the advantages which the company’s location has to offer
…makes you enthusiastic about the new place of employment and residence
…encourages you to apply for the position at the location being advertised
…facilitates orientation and gives insight into what’s on and where
…provides useful tips and information on home, commerce, culture and leisure


Who creates Welcome Home?

direxio has researched and compiled all data and designed this internet-based information page.



The direxio team hopes you enjoy reading Welcome Home.



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